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The source for RadialContext-mz is in a Mercurial repository. There are various ways to access it:

  1. View the source using the HG web interface
  2. Get a local copy of the source by performing the following:
    hg clone
    hg checkout default
  3. To commit to the repository you must first have commit access to the project. Then be sure you are committing the SSL version of the repository. You can do this several ways:
    1. hg push
    2. edit your .hg/hgrc file to have a paths section similar to the following:
      default =
      default-push =

Make sure you get the right branch! hg clone may give you the most recent commit ("tip"), which is not always in the "default" branch. Do an explicit hg checkout default if you think you are not seeing the right version of the code.

Mercurial client and Help Documentation links:

The source for this website is still in CVS. In case you want to look at it for some reason try one of the following:

  1. View the source using the CVS web interface
  2. Check out the source using anonymous CVS with the following commands (password is guest):
    cvs -d login
    cvs -z3 -d co radialcontextmz/src radialcontextmz/www

CVS client and Help Documentation links: